Michael Withers, freelance writer and consultant

I have been working in the medical communications industry for 25 years following considerable prior experience in editorial and publishing activities.

Since 2009 I have pursued a freelance career focusing on medical writing, digital media, e-learning and video activities.

My previous agency experience in medical communications included PPS, PAREXEL, Adelphi, Wells Healthcare and mXm Medical Communications managing both digital media and editorial teams.

I learned the writing/editing/publishing trade while working for the Royal Society of Chemistry and running the magazine Education in Chemistry.

I can help you and your projects with a wide range of skills:

  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Project management
  • Team, manpower and resource management
  • Editorial, digital media and e-learning project delivery
  • Account and client management
  • Business process and efficiency
  • Extensive digital media experience and knowledge

There is still a very strong relationship between traditional print/publishing activities and the opportunities offered by digital media. I don’t believe that they should be considered in isolation – an optimum balance needs to be achieved between the content and functionality of digital media solutions and the information and navigational architectures underpinning them.

I champion a balanced communication perspective covering the whole spectrum from traditional print publication to the leading edge of ‘new media’.


Photo courtesy: Jeremy Withers