e-learning conceptualLet me help you to get the best out of your e-learning and online courses. And your digital communications in general.

There seems little doubt that online education is here to stay and plays an ever greater role in education and training across all activities. Clients increasingly see the need and the value for some form of online course, or other e-learning facility. ‘How can I provide e-learning?’ is now a frequent question.

It doesn’t matter much whether you are involved in corporate training, continuing professional development (CPD), K-12 education or distance learning, you will need to address the issue of e-learning sooner or later.

I can help you to make the most of the educational materials you have and to plan the delivery of new online activities, whether from a short, no-obligation chat about what might be possible, to a full report and recommendations. Or maybe you just need help developing course structures or individual modules.

The range of services I can provide includes:

  • Review existing educational activities, identify opportunities and recommend development pathways
  • Assist with the development of e-learning proposals and delivery mechanisms
  • Review curricula or development programmes to recommend e-learning delivery approaches
  • Consultancy in the use of MOOC-type and flipped-classroom approaches
  • Content development
  • Incorporation of interactive elements
  • Creation of e-learning assets such as slide presentations, video production, voice-over recording
  • Creation and delivery of SCORM modules based on video, slides, audio, interactivity etc
  • Full project management of e-learning development

With my extended network of trusted contacts I can plan, create and deliver for you all the elements of a coherent e-learning programme. Find out more about the extended team here.

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