clapperboardIt has never been cheaper to use video in your digital communication. And never harder to use it effectively!

Cheaper? Because we now have high-quality digital cameras in our pockets wherever we go – they come ‘free’ with our smartphones!

Harder? Just because everyone has a camera does not mean that  everyone knows how to use the moving image to tell a story effectively … but everyone thinks they should try!

The salient facts are:

  • Video usage is growing
  • YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google
  • The exhortation to ‘show, don’t tell’ has never been stronger
  • There is a general expectation that organisations and companies will deliver training and support through video tutorials
  • There is a significant movement to use storytelling in communication – video is the perfect medium for this
  • It is no longer prohibitively expensive to create near-broadcast quality video

But be careful:

  • Viewers have high expectation of video content
  • The time window to capture a viewer is very short (less than 10 seconds!)
  • Viewers have low tolerance for poorly recorded video and, even more importantly, poor sound
  • Viewers won’t find your video in a general search (100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute)

You can achieve the most cost-effective video or audio communications by working with a team that can optimise what can be achieved within your budget. Contact me now for a no-obligation discussion about how to achieve:

  • A great script
  • Perfect sound recording
  • Superb visual quality
  • Video editing that really tells your story clearly


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